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American Football Association Newsletter July 04, 2014

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"Where Semi-Pro/Minor League Football Legends Live Forever"
American Football Association Newsletter
July 04,  2014
Volume 9, Issue 12
In This Issue

Happy Fourth of July


AFA Hosts Successful 34th Annual Semi-Pro Hall of Fame Inductions


Prince Hearns, Jr. Class of 1988

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Phone: 877-624-4485


Hall of Fame logo    
The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio was the site for the American Football Association's 34th Annual Semi-Pro Hall of Fame Induction Dinner on Friday, June 27th. Eighteen individuals representing semi-pro football teams across the country were enshrined as 'legends' of their level. 



AFA Partners with HeartSine


Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is by far the leading killer of adults in the world.  In fact, if you tallied up ALL the other leading causes of death from the common cancers, traumas and diseases, it would not reach the 350,000 deaths in the US each year caused by SCA.  While quality CPR is a critical link in the chain of survival for an SCA victim, using an AED to defibrillate the heart within 3-4 minutes is the key to a successful outcome....and the national average for EMS response is 10-11 minutes. 


The American Football Association recently partnered with HeartSine, a world leader in the AED space, to bring this life saving technology to the sidelines for football teams. Player safety is one of the pillars of the AFA's mission and as a result, we are providing this new program to teams, specifically AFA members.  


AFA Announces SaveAround Discount Coupons

What is SaveAround? Every day SaveAround presents you with the very best savings at fine establishments in your area. We're able to do this by guaranteeing participating merchants a minimum number of customers. Your purchase is combined with others and the resulting volume purchase is a form of "mutual funding". Every active AFA Alumni will receive an AFA branded coupon as part of their fulfillment package.   

To purchase additional coupons for your team fund raisers, just click AFA SaveAround Coupon


AFA Participates In Macy's Ninth Annual "Shop For A Cause"


Macy's and the American Football Assn invite customers to participate in Macy's ninth annual national "Shop For A Cause" charity shopping event on August 23, 2014. Macy's "Shop For A Cause" is a unique one-day-only shopping event created to support local charities' fundraising efforts, and has helped raise more than $44 million for charities across the country since 2006. Customers can participate in this year's event by purchasing shopping passes from the American Football Association now.  To purchase a shopping pass 
from the American Football Association, just click  Macy's Shopping Pass  or email us at


AFA Announces Monthly Semipro Football Trivia Contest The provider of the first correct response via email will receive a gift from the American Football Association. 
Do you know this AFA Hall of Famer?

12) My first pro football experience was with the Wheeling Ironmen. Then played 8 seasons in the NFL with several teams. With the Bengals I got to the Super Bowl, but lost the game to another minor leaguer. Who am I?


#11) I am considered to be of the greatest quarterbacks in all of pro football. After college I was cut by my hometown pro football. My cousin got a position with a local semipro football team, the Bloomfield Rams of the Steel Valley Conference for $6 a game. I got into the NFL the next year and lead my team to several titles. Who am I? Answer: Johnny Unitas

Congratulations to Rick Sager and Larry Schmidt for providing the correct answer of Johnny Unitas. 

 Research provided by AFA Historian, Steve Brainerd  


Starting at the Bottom - Hundreds of Minor League Players Made it to the NFL

The appearance of the WLAF has spawned a new interest in the possibilty of a farm system for the NFL. But some
nagging doubts remain: Don't the colleges prepare players for the NFL? Would a minor league produce enough players to justify its existence?........  


It's Now Official - the American Football Association Now Offers AFLAC - AFA members now have discounted rates for Aflac benefits available to them.  This plan is perfect for football players needing accident coverage. There are also special opportunities for billing where AFA team owners can pay premiums for their players. Please contact Amy Peters @ 518-331-1309 or email for inquiries and application...AFLAC Brochure (click here)

ESPN Outside the Lines: Football at a Crossroads: "Semi-Pro" Football - David Burch, Chris Stepp and Kevin Van Valkenburg join "Outside the Lines" to discuss the dangers of average Joes gathering to play what they call "semi-pro" football...... 


- Custom Etched Rosewood Ring Display Box
- Crystal Prism Clock
- Men's Fossil Watch 

The AFA's Online Auction Now Open!  - The online portion of AFA Monthly Auction is now open. The auction will run from monthly leading up to our live auction at June's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies. Proceeds go to American Football Association in order to support annual Hall of Fame Inductions. Auction items range from exotic vacation getaways to donated items guaranteed to delight and surprise. So, tell your friends, family, community. Now is your chance to not only get all the great items you want, but to do it knowing you are helping support our organization and mission. Just click: AFA Online Auction


The American Football Association Partners with MultiView - The American Football Association is pleased to announce a new opportunity for you - the chance to advertise your company's products and services directly on the AFA website. If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about how to feature your company on the AFA websites, please call Jon Smith, Display Advertising Manager, at 972-402-7023. 


Announcing Vehicle Donation Program - Looking for a year end tax deduction? Got an old car you want to get rid of? Just click..... 


We recently partnered with SCORE and we suggest that you do so also. The SCORE Association "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit association comprised of 13,000+ volunteer business counselors throughout the U.S. and its territories. SCORE members are trained to serve as counselors advisors and mentors to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. These services are offered at no fee, as a community service. Email me if you need help connecting with your local SCORE counselors. Dave Burch (SCORE Mentor)

American Football Association Hall of Fame - We continue to get phone calls about rings and requests from folks confused about membership in the AFA's Hall of Fame. It appears that after 34 years, a few folks still do not understand the AFA's Hall of Fame membership process. As a result, we have edited and published a more readable copy of our prerequisites and inductees from day one at American Football Association Hall of Fame Listing. By the way, we do NOT process hall of fame ring orders; our supplier Jostens does that for us!

AFA News & Media Clips  

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley goes to bat for coach Clay Hampton and the Blazing Hawks football team Charleston Mayor Joe Riley was moved by the story of how long-time coach and community activist Clay Hampton lost his home - and most of the equipment belonging to the Charleston Blazing Hawks semi-pro football team - to a devastating fire in March. Riley thinks the rest of the Charleston community will be just as moved........ 


From the Archives, Pottstown Firebirds Videos (click links to view)  History of the Pottstown Firebirds -


CharityMania Fundraisers is the Official Fundraising Partner for the American Football Association (AFA).
Now is the time when many football organizations are selecting their fundraisers for the fall.  Our fundraisers can help each and every AFA football team raise the money they need to be a successful program. 
The AFA has partnered with us because we offer a unique and different kind of fundraiser.  Here's why:
*    Low upfront cost and you keep 70% profit
*    Based on the excitement of your favorite sports
*    Easy to manage - no inventory or fulfillment 
*    Your supporters can win $1000's in prizes


Aside from the AFA National Association's concerns for bringing recognition to today's market of semi-pro type teams and leagues - its desire to keep alive the memories of those who were associated with this level of the sport for the past 100 years has come to the forefront in the formation of the AFA's Alumni Clubs. Checkout the Elmhurst Travelers AFA Alumni Club

Vistaprint - Visit our  AFA Vistaprint Marketing Center for Business Cards, Marketing Materials and branded print products.


AFA SmartPhone App - The AFA Smartphone App is now available for download at Google 


Wilson NFL Footballs... New Wilson Footballs are now in stock. The price is $65/ball or $390 per case for new balls plus $20 shipping and handling for a total of $410 per case of download form, click Wilson NFL Footballs.


Broadcast Channel Goes Live - The AFA's live broadcast channel capability for video webcasts is now available for PCs, iPads and, Smartphones. Featured video includes weekly vintage and live video webcasts of events such as the Pottstown Firebirds Super Bowl Special, Kalamazoo Tornadoes AFA Championship, Past AFA Hall of Fame Inductions, AFA Member Game Broadcasts and special announcements. These broadcasts can also be accessed at....Steve Weed Productions

AFA Membership Programs 
2014 AFA Alumni Club Membership - Are You A Card Carrying Member? Alumni Membership Fulfillment packages are on the way to recent alumni membership applicants. This year's package contains a SaveAround discount savings card as well as the Hall of Fame Nomination form. Membership remains at $25 per individual and is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro team and/or league. The Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. Just click AFA Online Signup  
or return application card via US Mail..........


Lifetime AFA Memberships Now Offered for AFA Hall of Fame Members! Email with your interest. 


Coming Soon - AFA Legacy Program/Planned Giving managed via Merrill Lynch. Planned Giving through the American Football Association allows you to align what you love in your life to what you want reflected in your legacy. 


Now Soliciting 2014 AFA Team & League Membership Applications Team Membership applications are now being accepted for the 2014 season. We are proud to have the National Public Safety, Empire Football, Ironman Football, Mason Dixon Football, Southern Plains Football and American Public Safety Football Leagues as the first leagues to join as members to join for 2014. When entire leagues join they automatically receive an auction fund raiser donation on the AFA's Auction Site. The annual membership fee to join the AFA remains $100 "per team" which provides a benefit package that is easily 10x this fee. Team membership applications can be downloaded by clicking: AFA Team/League Memberships  


American Football Association Benefits, Inc

The America Football Association recently established major partnerships with insurance companies to make comprehensive coverage products available for all AFA Alumni. AFA Alumni and where applicable their spouses and dependents, can now apply for insurance at competitive group rates. It's now easy to join the AFA and apply for affordable insurance coverage with a special discount for being an AFA Alumni. For more info, please call 877-624-4485 or email


About the American Football Association: The American Football Association is a national 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation in its 34th year of operation and is dedicated to the advancement of adult (semi-pro) football from coast-to-coast. Our slogan is Semi Pro & ProudĀ®. We are not affiliated with any other national semi-pro/minor league organization (Minor League Football News, American Football News Today, American Football Hall of Fame, Minor Pro Hall of Fame, etc). The AFA, Hall of Fame, American Football News™ and AFA logo design are registered trademarks of the American Football Association. All other AFA-related trademarks are trademarks of the American Football Association.


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