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AFA Newsletter September 17, 2011

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American Football Association AFA Newsletter September 17, 2011
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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project based on an openly editable model. Wikipedia's articles provide links to guide the user to related pages with additional information.

We recently completed some Wikipedia cross referencing to further connect the following AFA Hall of Famers that you might recognize………..Art Rooney, Sr; Jim Foster; Billy Kilmer; Bill Walsh; Ron Waller; A.J. Smith; Jim King Corcoran; Otis Sistrunk; Bob Tucker; Tom Dempsey; Don Jonas; Jeff Van Note; Coy Bacon; Joe Gilliam; Johnny Unitas; Vince Lombardi; Sam Wyche; Garo Yepremian; Woody Peoples; Phil Tuckett; Jerry Kurz; Ray Seals; Eric Swann; Catherine Masters; Tim Weigel; Joe Galat; Jerry Kurz;Cosmo Iacovazzi. Let us know if you find someone we overlooked :)


AFA Featured In NFL Yearbooks
Building upon our successful ad placement in USA TODAY's Special Commemorative Super Bowl XLV Preview earlier in the year, we have now placed ads in the 2011 Yearbooks for the NY Jets, Giants and New Orleans Saints.

These NFL Yearbooks will be available for purchase at NFL games and on newsstands during the NFL season. Get your copy today and turn to back page to see the American Football Association's ad listing current AFA Member Leagues and our QR Scan Code. Stay tuned !!!

American Football Association

AFA Ad Flyer
AFA News Clips
Madison Mustangs beat Tosa Spartans for fourth Iron Bowl title
Wauwatosa Now
... straight game and fourth straight Iron Bowl on Saturday night, beating the Spartans, 28-14, at Hart Park to claim the Ironman Football League title. ...

Local Semi-Pro Football: Mariners Earn Victory
Herald Times Reporter
The Manitowoc County Mariners traveled to Delafield on Sunday to face the River City Rattlers (1-4) and came away with a 28-8 victory to improve to 4-1 as the team currently stands in second place in the Wisconsin State Football League. ...

Induction Ceremony For Class Of 2011 Held Friday Evening
Sports Editor
Published: Monday, September 12, 2011 2:46 PM EDT
Dave Friese got a little teared up when he took the podium Friday night to be inducted into the Shippensburg High School Athletic Hall of Fame. "This is a great honor," he said before close to 50 people at the 2011 Hall of Fame induction ceremony inside the SASHS cafeteria. (Dave is also a 2011 AFA Hall of Fame Inductee)

Wauwatosa hosts Iron Bowl XV Saturday night
Wauwatosa Now
When the Ironman Football League's regular season began the weekend of June 4, its 10-member teams had one goal in mind: the Iron Bowl. In its 15th year, ...

Richard Deitsch: For FDNY football team, disbanding after 9/11 was ...
But it will not be a normal football Sunday for Orr, a retired fireman who ... and went on to win the National Public Safety Football League championship. ...

Local Semi-Pro Football: Mariners Earn Victory
Herald Times Reporter
The Manitowoc County Mariners traveled to Delafield on Sunday to face the River City Rattlers (1-4) and came away with a 28-8 victory to improve to 4-1 as the team currently stands in second place in the Wisconsin State Football League. ...

AFA Promotes School of the Legends (STOL)
AFA Family I would like to request that all of you support Beau Jarrell, AFA Hall of Fame Class of 2011 by signing up and joining as his friend at the NFLPA sponsored
Let's get behind this social network initiative which is one of many that the AFA will be promoting..

American Football Association Hall of Fame Jackets - Now Available !!!....we are pleased to announce that AFA Hall of Fame jackets are now available for purchase directly from Chicago Knitting Mills.....and yes, they do have the plus sizes 2X -- 5X! Just send an email to to obtain an order form.

AFA Alumni Jackets are now available …………the only difference between this jacket and the Hall of Fame Jacket above is the AFA Alumni logo on the back. If interested in placing an order, just click

AFA Hall of Fame Blazers....because of the positive feedback from the Hall of Fame banquet, we are now making Hall of Fame Blazers available to all current hall of fame members. Please email if you are interested. To see actual blazers being worn, just click any of the media links below:

Wilson NFL Footballs...We have just been informed by Wilson that they will no longer sell "blem" footballs.............The good news is that we now stock new Wilson Footballs for $15 more per ball. So instead of $50/ball or $300 per case for blems, the price is now $65/ball or $390 per case for new balls. Shipping and handling remains the same at $20............
+ Semi-pro Football HQ Scoreboard
New features at . In the upper right hand corner of our home page is a "Search this Site" button with which you can search 12.5 years of information accumulated for player names, coaches, teams, leagues, etc. Additionally, you can now view 2010 league champions from the 79 semi-pro football leagues across the USA.
Copyright (c) 1998-2011, Joe Hulsebus

Semi Pro Football Newsfeed

AFA Smartphone Resources
AFA Smartphone Application (App)
The AFA Smartphone App is now available for download frm the Android Marketplace along with thousands of other apps. Our App provides links to member teams/leagues, application doucments and major announcements. We have also included links to other neat apps like "Where is my Car" to solve those parking lot issues when we can't remember where we parked :) More to come..............
To download the AFA's App just click the following.......

Smartphone QR Codes
QR codes have been around for a while, and many big corporations use them. In the past six months, though, small companies in the U.S. have flocked to the technology, thanks to services that let them easily create codes. Meanwhile, numerous phones, including many Androids and BlackBerrys, come with an app that reads QR codes. (Others, like the iPhone, must download the software.) Scanbuy Inc., a New York company that develops and manages QR codes, estimates that 30 million people in the U.S. have a code-reader app on their phone.

Stay tuned for more QR codes from the AFA as we rollout raffles, lottery drawings, videos and other interesting info via these codes. By the way, we already have ads with our code in the NY Jets & Giants and Saints Gameday Yearbook Programs.

To test our code, just scan the QR code to the right with your Smartphone.

American Football Association (click here)

AFA Membership Programs
2011 AFA Alumni Club Membership - Are You A Card Carrying Member?
AFA Membership is open to anyone and everyone that, at one time or another, had been (or still is) involved with a semi-pro team and/or league. Semi-Pro Football Alumni Club is co-sponsored by the AFA National Association and the Members of the AFA Hall of Fame Alumni. If you are interested in a 2011 membership application, just click: or

2011 AFA Team & League Membership
Membership applications are now being accepted for the 2011 season. The annual membership fee to join the AFA is $100 "per team" which provides a benefit package that is easily 10x this fee. Team membership applications can be downloaded by clicking: or

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