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'Poor Man's Joe Namath' Reigned in Minor League Football (AFA Hall of Fame Class of 1982)

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American Football Association AFA Newsletter August 03, 2009
In This Issue: August 03, 2009 
•   AFA Hall Of Fame Induction Announced October 22 – October 25, 2009
   PROSPER Is Back and Better Than Ever
•   AFA Member League News Clips
•   Misrepresentations of the AFA
•&nb sp;  Elmhurst Travelers Semi-Pro Football Team 40 Years Existence
•   Central Florida´s Newest Football Team To Hold Local Tryouts, Launch Reality TV Series
AFA Hall Of Fame Induction Announced October 22 – October 25, 2009
Hold the date of October 22 – October2025, 2009. Bloomingdale, Illinois will be the site for the American Football Association's 29th Annual Induction Dinner Weekend at the Indian Lakes-Hilton, 250 West Schick Road.

AFA Golf Tournament Sponsored By the Elmhurst Travelers Football Alumni Association
Place: Indian Lakes Hilton
250 W. Schick Road
Bloomingdale, Il 60108
Date: October 24, 2009 (Saturday)
Time: 12 Noon
Price: $30 per Golfer which includes Greens Fees and Cart for 9 Holes of Golf

Golf Club Rentals Are Available At Club House

Reservations: Mail Checks to
Roman Strzala
AFA Class of 2002
202 Ashley Way
Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Feel free to call with questions at 630-295-6436

Please also note that consistent with our process from previous years, Hall of Fame nomination ballots will go out to all active AFA Alumni the 1st week of September.
American Football Association
AFA Member League News Clips
AFA Hall of Fame Class of 1982
'Poor Man's Joe Namath' Reigned in Minor League Football
Washington Post
At the time, Jim Corcoran was a backup quarterback at the U-Md. He would go on to become the most famous minor league football player of all time. From the beginning, he was flamboyant, brash and utterly unforgettable. He was a showman, an unapologetic ...
King Corcoran - Post Mortem - Obituaries from The Washington PostAug 2, 2009 ... Jim "King" Corcoran is one of the most fascinating and frustrating, charismatic and callous people I have ever had the pleasure -- for ...
htt p://
July 26, 2009
Eagles' all-time "almost" QB King Corcoran is gone at 65....
On the eve of the official opening of training camp, it is perhaps fitting to note the passing of a Philadelphia-area legend who spent a lot of time in Eagles' camps trying to make the team but never quite made the grade. James Sean Patrick Corcoran, aka "The King", died suddenly a few weeks back of cardiac arrest at the age of 65. King Corcoran's final NFL experience was with the Philadelphia Eagles when he was released on the final cut of the 1971 training camp.
King Corcoran - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
James Sean Patrick "King" Corcoran is a former quarterback in the Atlantic Coast Football League, World Football League, and briefly in the American ...

Northern Power Football League - Minor League Football
The Northern Power Football League. "Team Owned and Operated". MISSION STATEMENT : The NPFL seeks to enrich the lives of coaches, players, staff, ...
ht tp://
Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN
Post-Bulletin - Rochester,MN,USA
MINNETONKA The Rochester Giants were no match for the South Metro Dragons on Sunday in the Northern Power Football League semi-professional championship ...

Madison Mustangs
Isthmus - Madison,WI,USA
The Mustangs own the best record in the Ironman Football League and are ranked fourth nationally by coaches of semi-pro teams. Their narrowest margin of ...
Amateur football: Unbeaten Mustangs post another shutout
Wisconsin State Journal
The effort helped the Mustangs defeat the Muskego Hitmen 35-0 in an Ironman Football League game Saturday night at Breitenbach Stadium. ...
See all stories on this topic Football: Mustangs get another big win
Football: Mustangs get another big win
Wisconsin State Journal
... six touchdowns in game— five passing, one rushing — during a 70-0 rout of the Milwaukee Venom in an Ironman Football League game at Breitenbach Stadium. ...http://www.madison. com/wsj/home/sports/other/459664

Community Notes: Gun Club Fires Up Historic Showing
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
Semipro football The Virginia Crusaders would like to forget about Saturday's ... "We're the defending champs of the Mason-Dixon League but we were playing ...
Elmhurst Travelers Semi-Pro Football Team 40 Years Existe nce
Aside from the AFA National Association's concerns for bringing recognition to today's market of semi-pro type teams and leagues - its desire to keep alive the memories of those who were associated with this level of the sport for the past 100 years has come to the forefront in the formation of the AFA's Alumni Clubs. Operating under the umbrella of the AFA's non-profit tax exempt corporation, the American Football Association has begun issuing "Charters" to team, regional and state alumni organization who qualify for official Alumni Club status.

During their first 38 years of existence, the Elmhurst Travelers forged a record of 292 wins, 79 losses, 29 ties and 11 undefeated seasons; they averaged 8 wins per season. In 1967 after 40 years of existence, George Kulton (AFA HoF Class of '86) owner and coach of the Elmhurst Travelers semi-pro football team retired and sold the franchise to Rockford, Illinois then becoming the Rockford Rams. The Elmhurst Travelers' held a reunion in November 6, 1982 with 150 team members in attendance.

At the present time there are 18 Elmhurst Travelers in the American Football Association's Semi-Pro Hall of Fame:
- George Kulton Class of 1986 (Deceased)
- Joey Wolf Class of 1997
- Neal Anderson Class of 1998
- Ken Stone Class of 2000
- Don Johnson Class of 2001
- Roman E. Strzala Class of 2002
- Pat O'Brien Class of 2004
- Al Klaeren Class of 2005
- Norm Nissen Class of 2005
- Mike Cain Class of 2006
- Fitz Fiorelli Class of 2007
- Bill Meyer Class of 2007 (Deceased)
- Gary Thomas Class of 2007
- Larry Schmidt Class of 2008
- Pat Albanese Class of 2008
- Jerry Schropp Class of 2008
- Don Busch Class of 2008

In May 2008, Elmhurst Travelers Alumni Association was established with 32 active alumni as part of their coveted fraternity. This alumni association is a chartered AFA Alumni Association with the following officers:
- Roman Strzala – President
- Jerry Schropp – Vice President
- Larry Schmidt – Secretary
- Jack Perry – Treasurer
- Neal Anderson – Director
- Joey Wolfe – Director
- Norm Nissen – Director
- Al Klaeren – Director

We want to congratulate the chartered Elmhurst Travelers Alumni Organization which was organized by Roman Strzala, Hall of Fame Class of 2002. This newly formed alumni club has established a set of by-laws and has developed a process for submitting nominees to the AFA's Hall of Fame. We use this organization as a model and best practice for how to establish A lumni Clubs. A separate website is being setup to recognize20Alumni Clubs as we continue to grow our network of semi pro alumni.
PROSPER Is Back and Better Than Ever
We are pleased to20inform you that Prosper has completed their SEC registratio n and are open to borrowers and lenders once again. Notes offered by prospectus filed with the SEC.

Prosper Loans Marketplace RT @walletpopper Blogtalk radio: All about Peer-to-Peer Lending
Blogtalk radio: Now that is back from its quiet phase complete with SEC registration and a secondary market for loans, CEO Chris Larsen took some time to talk to WalletPop about Peer to Peer Lending.Tune in ...
Misrepresentations of the AFA
It continues to be brought to our attention that not only is there a tournament being touted as being sponsored by American Football News, but there is now a Ron Real Trophy is being promoted. We are flattered by some of these initiatives, but please be advised that NONE of these have been approved by the AFA or the family of the late Ron Real. This would be the typical practice regarding "The Right of Publicity" or control/use of an individual's image or likeness.

As a result of this and previous incidents, the AFA and family of the late Ron Real want to formally state for the record that these groups/initiatives are unauthorized. Additionally, they have nothing to do with the AFA's American Football News™ created by the late Ron Real, founder of the AFA.

This messag e will continue in an effort to alert the national media, to further protect the organization, the Real Family, and to protect the general public at large.
Central Florida´s Newest Football Team To Hold Local Tryouts, Launch Reality TV Series
Orlando, FL - Do you have what it takes? That´s=2 0the question the Florida Crusaders, Central Florida´s newest football team, is asking this Saturday, August 1. Coach Lou Briggins will put 100 of Central Florida´s top high school and college players through the first of three tryouts at Winter Park´s Showalter Field. And players aren´t there just to impress the coaches with their skills. Cameras will be rolling as the Crusaders launch a reality TV documentary series, Second Chance Football, aimed for national distribution.

"This is real football," said Briggins, who has coached football for nearly 20 years. "We are looking for guys that can play NFL rules football at the next level."

Briggins, a Central Florida semi-pro coaching staple, will put players through their paces starting at 9am., with sign-ups at 8:30. Only the first 100 players will be able to try out per session; additional tryouts are scheduled for August 8 and 15. But the focus won´t be entirely on 40 times, pass patterns and footwork. Team co-owner and TV and film veteran Rick Warren is looking for players with a story to tell.

"What makes the background of semi-pro football so engaging are the gifted athletes that will go to any length to realize their dream of playing beyond high school and college," said Warren. "While Coach Briggins will first and foremost be assembling the finest group of players in Central Florida to win a league title, along the way our film crews will be=2 0uncovering what makes this team -- and these players -- tick."=2 0

Continuing the strong legacy of minor league football in Central Florida, the Florida Crusaders were created to provide opportunities for football players of all ages to showcase their skills beyond high school and college. The team is a member of the Southern States Football League, with teams from Tallahassee to Key West, and is also a member of the American Football Association. The Crusaders will be the subject of a reality TV documentary series, to be produced in 2010.

For more information visit,, or become a fan on Facebook
Florida Crusaders
About the American Football Association: The American Football Association is a national 501(c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt corporation in its 29th year of operation and is dedicated to the advancement of adult (semi-pro) football from coast-to-coast. Our slogan is Semi Pro & Proud®. We are not affiliated with any other national semi-pro/minor league organization (Minor League Football News, Minor Pro Hall of Fame, etc). The AFA, Hall of Fame, American Football News™ and AFA logo design are registered trademarks of the American Football Association. All other AFA-related trademarks are trademarks of the American Football Association.  American Football Association
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