Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Healthy Kids Day" at the Zoo
"Healthy Kids Day" at the Zoo
04/18/2009 03:50 PM
By: Katie Gibas

WATERTWON, N.Y. -- Encouraging kids to make healthy choices and live healthy lifestyles: that's the goal of Healthy Kids Day at the Zoo in Watertown.

The program is sponsored by "YMCA Project Strong Communities." Inside, there were crafts and games, and outside, there was a karate demonstration and a bounce house.

The event is designed to show kids that working out and being healthy can be fun.

"I think children tend to stay inside a little too much with the video games and everything, and our goal is to get them outside and involved in nature," said Colleen Bernard, Zoo Education Coordinator.

"Working out doesn't mean necessarily you have to go to the gym. It could mean that you're outside kicking the soccer ball around, shots on goal with the kids," said Rebecca Reed, YMCA Sr. Director.

Members of the Red and Black semi-pro football team were also at the event, playing football with the kids.

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