Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Silver & Black are now going into the Empire Football League.

The Silver & Black are now going into the Empire Football League.

Through some lengthy meetings between the owner and the head coach the Silver & Black have decided to withdraw from the NFA and go into the EFL. 

The Reason
When the Silver & Black went to the NFA league meeting the Trailblazers decided to petition the same league because Head Coach Mike Britton had been talking with league officials to put in HIS special rule so he wouldn't loose players. If the Trailblazers had stayed in the EFL some Trailblazers would have left his team to go to the Silver & Black. To stop this from happening Mike decided to go into the same league with his good old boy tactics.  A special rule was put in just as a favor to the Trailblazer head coach Mike Britton. Any player that played for the Trailblazers in 2007 could not play for the Silver & Black unless Mike Britton gave him a release. He was not by any chance gonna let these guys go. This rule was put in to help the Trailblazers keep a team. The actual rule is just suppose to be for existing NYAFL teams. Any new teams that go into a league are not suppose to have rosters but MIke Britton got his way to try and stop guys from playing, it was either play for him or not play for 2 years because the ban was put in for 2 years. He was trying to force guys to play for him or not play at all.

Even though the Silver & Black had already signed 44 players to NFA league contracts, none of which were Trailblazers, The Silver & Black was gonna stick up for these players so they decided to withdraw from the NFA so players could play where they wish. They did this for the players and communities. This level of play is for the love of the game. No player gets paid so after their contracts are up after their last game with that team they become free agents. To have a team jump leagues to go into the same league as a new team to try and keep his team together by force is uncalled for. The Silver & Black are for ALL. We are here to build a tradition and our own history.

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