Monday, March 10, 2008

Judge rules Red & Black name will stay where it is
Monday, March 10, 2008
Judge rules Red & Black name will stay where it is
03/09/2008 04:29 PM
By: Brian Dwyer

WATERTOWN, N.Y. -- There's been plenty of big hits on the field. But one of the biggest hits the Watertown Red & Black has ever faced was delivered from off the field.

The semi-pro team, the nation's oldest, is trying to prevent a new team from using its now famous Red & Black name.

Thomas Shultz, a Watertown businessman, who owns Re-Sale America, said he was given the rights to the team name and planned to use it for his new team he's creating for a different league.

It's a claim the Red & Black deny and took to court to settle.

"I can't believe the way it went down," Red & Black Head Coach George Ashcraft said. "It's one person's story on the way things were. There's a lot of deep things that have been happening with them. It's just a shame, just a shame."

Red & Black name lawsuit
It's one of the longest running tradition in sports history. And now the Watertown Red & Black semi-pro football team is facing one of its toughest battles. But as our Brian Dwyer reports, it's nothing that can be settled on the field.
Friday, a state judge ruled against Shultz, saying he cannot use the name or logo of the Red & Black for any reason in Jefferson County.

It's a ruling Ashcraft said allows his team to move forward and carry on its history of more than 110 years.

"I think the tradition will go on another 100 years," Ashcraft added. "I truly do. It's an incredible thing to have in this area."

For Ashcraft, it's back to the field hosting a sign up day on April 11th for interested players.

But he said he expects Shultz, who is out of the country on vacation and was unavailable for comment, to present a countersuit; a move Ashcraft said he'll stay out of and leave to his lawyers.

Both teams are expected to start their seasons this July; the Red & Black in the Empire Football League and Shultz's team in the Northeastern Football Alliance.

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