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Chateauguay Titans Blevings in USA Bowl

Le Soleil du samedi - Édition du 5 janvier 2008

Blevings in USA Bowl

Dan Rosenburg

You're acquainted with the old expression that "all good things come to those who wait"? Well, I would like to alter that to "all good things come to those who deserve it."

Take Andrew Blevings of Chateauguay, for instance. After several years of being the best two-way football player this city has ever produced, Blevings is finally getting his big break. The Chateauguay Titans star has been invited to join the Vermont Ice Storm for their USA Bowl Division I semi-Pro football championship game against the Detroit Warriors slated for the Orange Bowl in Miami on Jan. 19.

"I'm proud of Andrew; he deserves this," said John Mouland, the Titans head coach and Chateauguay Junior Raiders president. The Ice Storm, No. 3-rated club in the Empire Football League, accepted the call to compete in Miami when two higher-rated teams declined the opportunity, presumably mainly due to previous commitments and/or a lack of funds.

"I'm. very excited about this; it'll be fun," Blevings told Le Soleil last Wednesday. "I've been playing against the Ice Storm for a few years now, they're a good bunch of guys and I got to know their coaches."

Blevings is expected to perform as a linebacker and field-goal kicker for the Storm on Jan. 19. He warmed up for the occasion by participating in the 59th annual Garbage Bowl in Montreal West on New Year's Day. Due to the blizzard that blanketed the Royal West Academy field with three to four feet of snow, last Tuesday's contest between the Northern Combines and the Southern Bombers was something less than a classic and ended in a scoreless tie.

Former Titan and Junior Raiders quarterback Sean Hoas was selected as the game's Most Valuable offensive player. The defensive MVP award went to Luc Pelland, a Billings teacher and another Junior Raider alumnus.

Proceeds of the game - close to $5,000 - were split between the Children's Wish Foundation and the Mackay Centre.

Several other Titans and Raiders products also took part in the Garbage Bowl festivities. These included Blevings' nephew Tyler Jutras, Yannick Clement, Denis Houle, Tyrel Hoas, Daryl Snow, Ryan Brewster, Kris Laberge and the Kavanagh cousins - Wayne and Ryan - just to name a few.

Why the increasing influx of Chateauguay athletes for a benefit game that is traditionally played in Montreal West?

"Because, after all these years, they are running short of players and Chateauguay guys want to play football," he replied.

"The two teams must have gained a total of only about 30 yards of offence between us because of all the snow," Blevings related. "It was like running with 30-pound shoes on. You could say that this year the Garbage Bowl lived up to its title," he laughed.

But still the loyal fans turned out in droves to support their heroes. "Despite the weather conditions, it was just as packed as in previous years," Blevings noted.

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