Friday, September 16, 2005

Lake City Stars participate in USA Play Football Month

On Saturday morning, when most teams were still sleeping, in preparation for their upcoming games later that night, the Lake City Stars were holding a free instructional clinic for all area youth football players. At 11:00 A.M., 65 future Stars took advantage and joined with 20 Stars and Coach Mac. Over the next 2 ½ hours, they practiced football and had discussions, including being able to "look at the man in the mirror", amongst other things! The early September chill gave way to a beautiful late summer day with temperatures climbing and sweat dripping, as the future Stars were put through their paces. The future Stars were lead through warm-ups, agilities, and individual position drills and in the end left sweating, smiling and tired! The physical aspect ended at 1:00 P.M., followed by a question and answer session until 1:30 P.M., which was followed by an autograph session that left all the pens dry! All the future Stars received a free t-shirt, courtesy Loreman’s Sporting Goods. Later that night, many were back at the field cheering on their new friends, and mentors! It helped, as they saw the Stars beat the Ottawa Deacon Demons, 23-0, in an Empire Football League regular season game. It was a great day for the kids, but between you and me, the Stars had more fun!

I would like to thank Carl Prentiss of for the incredible photographs. If anyone would like to order any photographs, please contact Carl @ These photo's helped capture memories of a great day, and for that, thanks Carl! Also, to the parents who allowed your child to attend this event, we hope you and your child enjoyed it and perhaps learned something. We are sorry some children were discouraged from attending this outstanding event, instructed by outstanding young men! And lastly, to my players, thank you for once again going above and beyond, simply, you are the best!      


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