Thursday, July 21, 2005

Albany Metro Mallers Press Release 7/21/2005

Working with kids and mentoring is a big part of being on the Albany Metro Mallers Football Team. The Metro Mallers respect and love their football home in the Capital District and take many steps to reach out to help in the community. This summer, the team will appear at many local functions including playing host to the Albany 4-H summer camp with a Team Forum Day which will include a team work seminar, an anti-drug awareness program, a pro education talk, along with some football skills thrown in, and a cookout to culminate the day.

On July 23rd the Metro Mallers will reach out and donate time to the Northeast Regional Food Bank on Albany Shaker Road helping the facility and their staff. "Why the Food Bank?"you may ask. The facility is one of a number of outreach centers in which  area teens who have had past experiences with the law serve out some of their probation and court ordered community service. The team will take the opportunity to work side by side with these kids and hope to send them a positive message of getting and staying involved with their community, completing their education, and even participating in sports will help to give them a better future and outlook on life. All teens working, whether it be "under orders" or as a volunteer, at the shelter on Saturday, will all receive a "This Kid Free" ticket for Saturday evenings Metro Maller game vs. the Ottawa Deacon Demons from Canada. Kick off is at 7:30 at Bleecker Stadium. The Metro-Mallers hope that our fans will join us as volunteers at the Regional Food Bank Saturday morning helping to make a difference in the Capital District.

For more information please contact Sharon Barbagallo, Assistant General Manager, Albany Metro Maller Football at 372-2535.

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