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Coach George Ashcraft says it's the biggest thing to happen to the Red and Black since the team went undefeated during the 1950's. On Monday, Ashcraft and 17 Red and Black players will tape a nationally televised commercial with NFL star Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles.

In the past, McNabb has appeared in commercials for a soup company. But Ashcraft said he is not at liberty to say who the commercial is for. I'm gonna play it safe and not get myself in trouble," he told NewsWatch50. Ashcraft said he got a call two weeks ago from a New York City advertising agency asking if he would be interested in sending players to be in the commercial. That led to an audition tape being made in Watertown by a local production company. The ad agency liked the tape and signed the Red and Black to the deal.

The team and coach will be leaving Sunday afternoon for the Meadowlands in New Jersey. The taping will involve McNabb, several other Philadelphia Eagles players and a total of 41 semi-pro players, Ashcraft said. There is a stipend attached to the appearance but Ashcraft said that would basically cover travel and lodging expenses. He said the primary benefit is the national exposure for his team. "It's a heck of a recruiting tool," he said.

The Watertown Red and Black was formed as a professional football team in 1896 and once played in a championship game at Madison Square Garden. Then-Watertown Mayor J.B. Wise, the teams manager lost an $8,000 bet on the game.
The team has had semi-pro status since 1904

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