Friday, May 13, 2005

McNabb avoids stirring the soup

Posted on Thu, May. 12, 2005

CRITICISM, EVEN from inside the locker room, goes with the territory when you get to the Super Bowl and don't win it, Sam McNabb said yesterday.

Donovan McNabb's measured, careful response to that criticism reflects the values Sam and Wilma McNabb instilled in the Eagles quarterback, his parents said.

Sam, Wilma and Donovan McNabb all spoke separately to reporters during the filming of a Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial yesterday at Lincoln Financial Field. The reporters dutifully posed an appropriate number of questions about the commercial, before getting to the topic that brought so many of them to a football stadium in May - the Eagles' tumultuous offseason, and the controversy that has followed their QB ever since the late scoring drive that took too long and helped seal their Super Bowl fate.

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